КАСИ и Balver Zinn на SMT Nuremberg

6 Май 2017

КАСИ и Balver Zinn на SMT Nuremberg

Dear Partners,


We are looking forward to meet you and your customers at the upcoming SMT Hybrid Packaging Show.

SMT will take place May 16-18 in Nuremberg, Germany.  

Meet our staff members in Hall 4, Booth #231 and discover the latest products, technologies and services:


SN100CV ®

Balver Zinn is a pioneer in lead free solders and as exclusive licensee we present Nihon Superiors new patented SN100CV® lead-free micro-alloyed solder. The industry standard SN100C® has been improved by the addition of bismuth which has positive effects on the reliability of the solder joints. The SN100CV ® alloy offers high reliable solder joints which are recommended for high-end and automotive electronics.


SMTA-0240 adhesive

The Balver Zinn group will introduce a wide range of adhesives for different electronics applications such as semiconductor assembly, automotive and consumer electronics. SMTA-0240 is a solvent-free, one component, pre-mixed, thermoset epoxy based adhesive. It has been designed especially for the bonding of surface mount devices, to printed circuit boards, prior to the wave soldering process. SMTA-0240 is characterized by excellent stencil print-ability, resulting in high dot profiles, without aperture-stringing or tailing. It can resist temperatures over 200ºC for short periods of time and has been used in lead-free processes with peak temperatures of 270ºC.


Cobar BF-1301 wave soldering flux

The Balver Zinn group will introduce the latest flux technology Cobar BF-1301 wave soldering flux.

Cobar BF-1301 is the latest alcohol based organic flux technology which exhibits exceptional wetting in combination with highest possible SIR of the residues. Using this flux in a nitrogen atmosphere will lead to the lowest residue which is very beneficial for pin testability and coat ability of the products. Higher first pass yields will be achieved and will reduce the cost of production.


The Balver Zinn Group to Supply BRILLIANT B2012 Solder Wire for SMT IPC Hand Soldering Competition

Balver Zinn will be contributing BRILLIANT B2012 solder wire which is halide-free, rosin based and designed for manual and robotic soldering. The IPC Hand Soldering Competition recognizes the best skills in hand soldering complex printed board assemblies. Hand soldering of high density printed boards demands highly skilled industry professionals to ensure a zero-defect soldering process. During this competition, industry professionals will compete against each other to build a functional electronics assembly within a 60-minute time limit. Assemblies will be judged on soldering in accordance with IPC-A-610F Class 3 criteria. IPC-A-610 Master Instructors will serve as judges.


Also on display at SMT Hybrid Packaging will be Cobar OT2M solder paste, Spectrocheck DEMO-machine and live soldering sessions with Hakko soldering stations.


You can register online for a free entry ticket with the following registration number: 1712201558


Best Regards,

Cobar Europe BV
Member of the Balver Zinn Group